Triangle ABC is similar to triangle DEF. The length of AC is 12 cm. The length of BC is 18 cm. The length of DF is 10 cm.What is the length of EF?

Accepted Solution

Answer: [tex]EF=15cm[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: You know that the triangle ABC and the triangle DEF are similar. Therefore, if the lenght of AC is 12 centimeters and the lenght of DF is 10 centimeters, then you can find the ratio as following: [tex]ratio=\frac{DF}{AC}\\\\ratio=\frac{10cm}{12cm}\\\\ratio=0.8333[/tex] Then, the calculte the length of EF, you must multiply the lenght BC of the triangle ABC by the ratio obtained above. Therefore, the lenght EF is the following: [tex]EF=0.8333(18cm)\\EF=15cm[/tex]