rewrite these in increasing order of length: 537 km, 790 dm, 41 cm, 8 mm, 788 m

Accepted Solution

Answer: [tex]8mm,\ 41cm,\ 790dm,\ 788m,\ 537km[/tex]Step-by-step explanation: To solve this problem you must: 1. Write the lenghts given in the problem in the same units. 2. Let's convert all the units to meters. Then: 537 km to m: [tex](537km)(\frac{1,000}{1km})= 537,000m[/tex] 790 dm to m: [tex](790dm)(\frac{1m}{10dm})=79m[/tex] 41 cm to m: [tex](41cm)(\frac{1m}{100cm})=0.41m[/tex] 8 mm to m: [tex](8mm)(\frac{1m}{1,000mm})=8*10^{-3}m[/tex] Now you rewrite them in increasing order: [tex]8mm,\ 41cm,\ 790dm,\ 788m,\ 537km[/tex]