For each table, identify the independent and dependent variables. Represent the relationship using words, an equation, and a graph. Number of Chairs Painted, p | Paint Left (oz), L 0 | 1281 | 982 | 683 | 38I know p is independent and L is dependent, i can come up with a graph, i just need you to come up with an equation, i can't think of one that will work, i have tried many.please Just come up with an equation, i had a person "try" the numbers up there are parts of the equation, not the A B C D answrs, there are none. I just need an equationlike l = p * 68 or something

Accepted Solution

slope = (98 - 128) / (1 - 0) = - 30

y = mx + b
slope(m) = -30
y int (b)...ur y int is when x = 0....and u have (0,128)...so ur y int is 128
sub into ur equation
y = -30x + 128 <=== ur equation