Basic Stats for psychologySuppose you conducted a survey of your classmates to determine how much money (in U.S. dollars) they intended to spend on Halloween candy this year. Which of the following scales of measurement would your measure fall under?A. ordinalB. intervalC. Ratio

Accepted Solution

Answer:RatioStep-by-step explanation:First lets understand various scales of measurement in psychologyNominal: Separate numbers indicate separate objects. these no actual meaning other than separating between objects.example: number on vests of football players2.Ordinal: meaning orderexample: place finished in a race 1st , 2nd 3. Interval: have no orderequal interval between the adjacent categoriesthe difference between two similar physical quantity is same4. Ratio: Differences are meaningful like interval ratios are meaningful , Existence of "true zero point"Now in the above case money is spend to buy candies which is meaningful and if no money is spent no candies are purchased hence existence of "True zero point"Hence Ratio scale would be most appropriate to measure this case